All KINDS of New Things!

All sorts of new things to tell you about this week!

First, my first Kindle Vella serial launched today! John Zebedee and the Heir of the Elvenlands is the first of three installments in The Chronicles of John Zebedee. You can read the first three episodes for free, and astute readers might notice a familiar name drop in there…

(If you see it, and go HEY, then here’s your confirmation. Yes, it’s the same universe. Yes, I’m planning a crossover. No, it’s not happening anytime soon. I need to do the research for it. It’s in the queue.)

Also new this week is a giveaway. Starting Wednesday the 1st, and running until the end of June, you can download Counsel of the Wicked as part of the Love Me Now giveaway. Click the link or the graphic to see what other books are available!

I’m taking it sort of easy for the summer. I have research that I’m working on, and I’m taking a finance course because I am woefully ignorant where money is concerned. And since I finished a book, it’s also time to clean all the things.  I’m learning to shuttle tat lace, because one of the creators I watch on Tiktok does it and it looks cool.  I’m catching up on TV that I missed, and I have a stack of books that I’ve been wanting to read. There’s also some planning in the works, and that short story I mentioned a while back that got pushed to the side, but I’m not going to put pressure on myself to finish it. I haven’t taken any real down time in far too long. It’s time to refill my own creative coffers.

Time to go start refilling.



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