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Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4

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It’s Monday again, isn’t it? How did that happen?

Not much is happening at the moment. That I can talk about, at least. I have a new anthology coming out next week — Under the Cape  is a look at sexy superheroes, brought to you by Riverdale Avenue Books. No cover art yet, but once I have it, I’ll post it. My short story is Time for No Mercy. Yes, that is a Doctor Horrible reference.

I finished the synopsis for John Zebedee and the Monstrous Town. And I’ve pushed John off to the back burner to percolate while I work on the thing I can’t talk about. He’s immortal. He can be patient.

Work on Wings of Air proceeds. I’m finally getting our heroes (the whole lot of them) out of Terraces (comma dammit). I’m really kind of amazed that there were enough things going on before the main things that it took me sixteen chapters to get the main thing moving. Like… what? I know I write wordy, but this seems a lot even for me. And going through the chapters to cut things down? There wasn’t anything I could cut! So, since it seems to be all pretty necessary, I’m just going with it, and we’ll see if anything can be pared down in edits when the story is done.

I’m starting to try and catch up on my reading. First on the list? Real Men Knit, by Kwana Jackson.  Next up? I’ve got a hard choice — I have Well Met by Jen DeLuca (Renn Faire romance!) and The Chai Factor by Farah Heron (barbershop romance??? I hit the Buy button so fast!!!) Also on my list is To Have and Hoax, by Martha Waters. Regency Rom-com is catnip. I think the determining factor on which I read next will be if the romance reading hubby grabs one of them first.  And then…. well….

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I have a few more things to read.

The heavens have just opened up here, and I have a package to go grab off the front porch. So I’m off until next week. Stay safe, everyone.





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