I had a doctor appointment first thing. Horrible timing, I KNOW. But it was scheduled when Vivian Day was still the 7th.

Got home, handed my phone to my husband, and went to take a shower. Neglected to take off my Fitbit (which is waterproof, so no big). I am shampooing my hair when my wrist goes off. I look at this blurry, wet screen, see LaQuette’s name, and I start crying. Because I know that LaQuette makes NO calls before 11AM, because writing time is scared. So there’s only one reason she’ll be calling me today.

My husband comes into the bathroom with the phone, and says “LaQuette wants to talk to you.” and hands me a towel. And I will SWEAR on a stack of Bibles and other assorted religious texts that I heard NOT A BLESSED WORD after “As President of the RWA…”

Except for the point where she asked me if I was all right. Answer? I am BETTER than all right!

I’m a Vivian Finalist!

What do you think?

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