(Insert May Song Reference Here)

I can think of at least three songs about the month of May, and have heard all three references at least once a day for the past three days. So pick your favorite and sing out!

The Sooper Sekrit project for the RWA as formally announced last week on Wednesday and Friday.

From the official announcement:

Pen to Paper: Guide to Writing Romance is an immersive seven-month romance writing program designed to ground you in writing romances so strongly that your inner critic will be forced into the back seat. Here are some program highlights:

  • Engage weekly in a five-person Partner Circle led by two published author Guides. This writing group will stick together throughout the program, creating that inner circle of allies and writing partners that could last long after the program ends.
  • Hear from experts in the romance universe via articles, audio recordings, live events, and exclusive videos developed for this program.
  • Receive and learn how to give the valuable critique that will lift your writing from average to excellent.

My team and I have been working on this for months now, and it’s finally live! Guides can start to apply TODAY, and Participants will be able to start applying in June. Check the link for more information.

And while doing all of that, I’m still working on my own stuff.

Heir to the Firstborn
(Heir to the Firstborn, book 5)
75515 / 150000 (50.34%)

Heir to the Firstborn is going well, and unless I pick the pace a bit, we’re not really halfway through, no matter what the wordcount says. I’m going to stick to my stance that this will be ONE book, not two. One book. One. If I keep saying that, it might come true.


I finished the proofreading on Table of Stone at the end of last week, and finalized the presale. You can pick up Hidden Things and preorder the rest of the series here. Hidden Things is now also available at all bookstores, not just Amazon. (Except I think I forgot to put it up on Eden Books, Smashwords and Google. Must fix those.)

There’s not much else to talk about at the moment. We’re coming down to the end of the school year, which means testing. In person testing, and I have to leave in a few minutes to go pick up High School Boy from day one of a two day test. Waiting to see what happens with COVID vaccines for teens, so I can plan for summer possible travel for the family and for school in the fall (our county has already nixed the at home model we’ve been using. So next year it’s off to realspace school!) Planning my own travel for the summer — RWA retreat in July, Orlando Reads Books in August, Necronomicon in September, and Books at the Beach in October! I’m going to be Writer on the Go!

And I still need to have Heir to the Firstborn ready to go for a November release, so it’s time for me to log off here and get to the words.

After I go pick someone up from school.

What do you think?

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