>Okay, I’ve been bad.

Well, I suppose that goes without saying, really. But I mean I’ve been lax about keeping the blog up. I haven’t posted anything since the shuttle launch, and Discovery came home last week.

I have been writing. I’m working on Sable Locks, and making inroads. Except now I’m at the hard chapter — the Flashback chapter. The chapter where we have a sixteen-year-old being emotionally and physically abused by someone who didn’t start out as a psychopath, but seems to have turned into one.

This is a very hard chapter to write, and not just because I have to keep it out of the “he’s legal for his time period” gray area. I don’t know of ANY erotica publishers who will run with a sexually abusive relationship between a sixteen-year-old and a seventeen-year-old that starts out with manipulation and goes straight into dub-con and torture.

And no, I really don’t want to know where the darkness in my skull comes from. I don’t. I’m not looking, and I suggest you don’t look too closely either. I’m a nice person. Really.

So, I’m writing, and the novel is over 50,000 words now (I have to update the ticky box). But this one chapter might drive me nuts before I’m done with it.

However, once I’ve finished it, the rest of the book will be smooth sailing.

What do you think?

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