Bad Writer! No Writer Biscuit!

I think they’re going to take my membership in the writer guild away for this one. I dunno.  Because it occurs to me that I’ve been remiss in my writer duties.  As in… I kinda forgot to mention my newest release.

Fantastic Erotica came out last Thursday (the 4th), so I’m not too behind, but still… I should have been crowing like Chanticleer from the rooftops. This anthology was the one that people voted on the contents, and they voted to include my short story The Succubus as being one of the top twenty or so stories put out by Circlet Press since 2008.

The book has already been getting some great buzz. IO9 included it on their list of science fiction and fantasy books that should not be missed this fall, and Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review.

That is really kind of mindblowing for me. Succubus was only my second sale to Circlet, and the first one that ever saw publication. It was also the springboard for the novel that will be my next Circlet novel release — House of Sable Locks  (and is the prologue for that novel.) To have it included as a best of the best…. quite simply, it takes my breath away.

So, hopefully, this will make up for the fact that I completely spaced on reporting the release?

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Kristal Hollis

Congrats Elizabeth! You should be shouting the good news. It’s fantastic!

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