Today’s blog post is being brought to you by the roofers working on the house that backs up to mine. We had a pretty intense hailstorm down here a couple of weeks ago, and… well… damage was done. (Thankfully, our roof survived it pretty well. Neighboring houses? Not so much.)

How intense? This was a small hailstone.

In the fourteen years we’ve lived in this house, I’ve never seen hail like that. My car has a couple of good sized dents in the roof, but no windshield damage.

My office window looks out into the backyard, so I have the constant sound of saws, pneumatic hammers, and other things emphatically going *thump* as the soundtrack to my writing day.

Echoes of Light
29754 / 50000 (59.51%)
Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4
28031 / 95000 (29.51%)

Writing continues, as writing is wont to do in my house. Echoes of Light is building to a climax, and I’m hoping to have it done this month. I increased the wordcount, but now I’m not sure that I’ll make 50K. It’ll be 40K or thereabouts. Perhaps a little under, but definitely not much over. Which is well within the wordcount limits for the call for this boxset.

And I’m pretty sure there will be more stories about John Zebedee and Ethriel. They haven’t told me what they’ll be yet, but there will be more.

Wings of Air is already wandering off the outline. I think this is a new record — usually, we get to the first major transition before the characters get headstrong and go their own way. Not this time. They’ve decide on a subplot that is obvious in hindsight, but wasn’t on my radar when I started planning the book.

Still haven’t decided what I’m working on for Patreon after Heir to the Firstborn. I’ll tackle that once I get further into Wings of Air — I’ll need to decide before I finish, though. No pressure! None at all!

Once I finish Echoes of Light, I’ll be planning out the rest of the Flesh and Blood series, too. I have a nifty new Series Bible from Plot Your Work and I’m looking forward to setting it up.

Things are still really unsettled here — we have no idea what’s going to happen in the fall. The Governor says school will start on time and with the regular schedule, but at the same time Covid cases are spiking because the state reopened too soon. We’re being careful, but at the same time, we’re very much aware that there are a lot of people out there who are not being careful, or who think that the whole thing is a hoax, or a joke, or not as serious as it really is.

I don’t understand people sometimes. I just don’t.

Be careful out there. Stay safe.

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