Bear of very little brain..

Today, I am doing a damn fine impression of Winnie-the-Pooh. My head is stuffed with fluff, and I’m having a sit and a good think. I was up way too late last night finishing up the cooking for today (why do I do this to myself? It’s just the three of us!), and then up way too early to get the bread for breakfast into the oven (Almond Babka — om nom nom!!!! However, WAY too many Weight Watcher points for one serving. Sigh.)

Anyhow, now I’m starting to think about what we’re having for dinner (not ham), and exploring the WONDERFUL Internet Sacred Text Archive. If you’re a writer and you haven’t found this site yet, go check it out! AMAZING collection of sacred writings from around the world and from throughout history. I was doing some looking for Victorian esoterica, for the gaslight fantasy I’m planning (if you actually read my to-do lists, I mean the Mystere books). Found some good stuff, too. Had to find free downloads on GoogleBooks for some and bookmark others to read online, but I’ve got a whole mess of lovely research to do.

I noticed a subject on Women’s Studies, and went looking there. Found a research book on cults and rituals associated with the Amazons. And other on Cretan mysteries. And that was when the Muse snuck up on me with a mallet.

In the last update to the list, I got tired of seeing (no title yet) for book 2 of the Mystere books. So I slapped a title on it — Blood and Gaslight. And I hated it. Blood and Gaslight is, too my mind, the perfect title for a Sherlock Holmes/Dracula crossover — because it was a Sherlock Holmes/Dracula crossover, a graphic novel from the mid-80s. I have a copy somewhere.

I’ve always intended to change the title, but I had no idea what the title was. The plot wasn’t telling me — until I found those two books on Sacred Texts.

The title of Mystere Book 2 will be The Lady and the Sword.

And that is enough thinking for one day. Happy Zombie Savior Day!


Wynter Daniels

Looks like an interesting site – thanks for the link.

Elizabeth Schechter

Just make sure you have LOADS of time! I’ve been playing around on there for about two hours now!

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