Better Late than Never?

It’s Monday evening. I’ve been BUSY today, and this is my first chance to sit and get to work on the blog. So this will be a very short update.

Heir to the Firstborn
(Heir to the Firstborn, Book 5)
7302 / 150000 (4.87%)

Usually, this past weekend would have been the Central Florida Highland Games, and I’d have been away from my keyboard all weekend. This year, the 44th annual games went virtual, so there was no sitting out listening to bagpipes and playing with babies that aren’t mine.  It was for the best, really, but it’s still disappointing.

Instead, this weekend was RWA meetings (the super spiffy project I’m leading, that I can’t tell you anything about yet except to say it’s super spiffy and exciting. Watch this space!), and gardening. And learning that if this whole writing this doesn’t pan out, I can be a barber — I gave 14-year-old J his first haircut in over a year. There was enough hair on the porch to make either a full wig, or three small tribbles.

I also set up the preorder for Wings of Air, which will be available March 23rd everywhere ebooks are sold.


Eden Books

Everywhere Else

Hidden Things comes out a week from tomorrow, so you can still get the preorder in. This one is only on Amazon for the launch.


Today has been a lot more work on Super Spiffy project, and not as much work on writing or editing. I’m editing The Lady and the Sword (Swords of Charlemagne, Book 2) and am seven chapters into it. It’s not scheduled to release until May, so I’m well on schedule. I’m also working on Heir to the Firstborn (Heir to the Firstborn, Book 5), and am currently on chapter 3, which is one I’ve been waiting to write. If you ever wondered anything about the rituals used to initiate a Smoke Dancer, this is the chapter for you!

And, I think, that’s about all! Busy, busy, busy!!!

What do you think?

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