Book Sale and… wait, what boycott?

So Smashwords is doing a Read an Ebook promotion March 7th through the 13th. Great! Heir to the Firstborn is wide, so I can set the first three books into the promotion before book 4 releases! And make the promotion over all the venues, so that things are consistent! Great! What could go wrong… wait, what boycott?

I found out about the Amazon boycott this week AFTER I’d set up the promotions and the ads and everything. Which bites, because Amazon is where I sell the most books.

But not to fear! Because, while Amazon is where I sell the most books, they are not the only place to get mobi files for your Kindle! You can buy the entire series, preorder Wings of Air, and download Worlds Begin for free from Smashwords!

If you have another ereader, and want an epub? You can also get those from Smashwords. Or you can check out any number of other booksellers here!

If you still want to shop at Amazon this week? The prices will all be the same there, except you won’t be able to download Worlds Begin for free (I keep telling them it’s a free book, and they keep changing it!)

Remember, preorders make writers very happy! So you can hit any one of those links and preorder Wings of Air!


Heir to the Firstborn is going slowly. One scene that I really wanted to write had to be rewritten a few times so that it really worked the way I wanted it to work. Now that that particular scene is behind me, I can get the group moving forward. With hopefully only a few side-trips — there are some plot-bunnies that poked up in the last two chapters that I think will be important. They’re logical progressions from what already came out, but weren’t on the tip of my brain until they were on the page. Which is when I went “Oh… really?”

Heir to the Firstborn
(Heir to the Firstborn, book 5)

39549 / 150000 (26.37%)

I uploaded the final edits of The Lady and the Sword to Amazon last night. Preorder is ready to go… nearly two months early.  This will be KU only for the first 90 days, the same as Hidden Things.

And finally, because I goofed and ran a picture of it when I got my proof copy of Ashes and Light,  here’s the cover reveal! Ashes and Light will be on sale July 20th. Remember, preorders are love!

I think that by the time the series wraps, I’m going to be hard pressed to say which is my favorite cover. I thought it was The Lady and the Sword, but this one is just SO pretty!

That’s pretty much all in this neck of the woods. Spring Break starts a week from today, so that means that we’ve been in lockdown for a few days short of a year (everything shut down here in Florida the Friday before Spring Break, March 13th 2020.) I get my first Covid shot tomorrow, so we’ll see how I feel tomorrow night. I’ll likely be posting about the Covid shot and my reactions to it, so watch my social media.

Catch you next week. Stay safe, everyone.

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