Partial Eclipse of the Heart?

Partial Eclipse of the Heart?

If you’re supposed to fall apart during a total eclipse of the heart, what do you do during a partial eclipse of the heart?

We’re only at about 57% where I am, so the light got a little weird, and now it’s pretty much back to normal. The next time Florida will be in the path of totality will be 2044, I think. So… I’ll get to experience that when I’m in my 70s or so. Something to look forward to?

I’ve finished my readthrough of Morrigan’s Heir, and I did a quick read of Morrigan’s Wrath (for the first time since I wrote it, so there was a lot of “Oh, I’d forgotten about that scene!”) Now I’m reading for edits, and questioning some of the stylistic choices of Past-Me. See, Lorcan speaks Gaeilge in Eire (ancient Irish in Ireland) and he learns Latin in Rome. So Past-Me thought that it would make sense to italicize all the words in Latin when Lorcan was speaking Gaeilge, and all the words in Gaeilge when he starts speaking Latin.

Now-Me is wondering just what Past-Me was thinking because dear BOB, is that confusing and I am changing it RIGHT NOW.

Needless to day, there are a lot of editorial marks in my manuscript. I’ll still get it in by the end of month, though. My goal is to have everything complete before the Indie Bazaar. And then…

We picked up someone’s cap and gown today. May is coming at us at high speed, and Graduation will be here before you know it. The fun part of Senior year has started — prom was last week, and this week starts the Universal Orlando celebration of high school seniors known as Grad Bash, where the park is closed to the public and the seniors get the entire place to themselves overnight. I think EVERY high school in Central Florida participates, and it takes about two weeks for them all to have their turn.

So many things happening, and all of them wonderful!


I’ll be part of the Narratress Indie Book sale this weekend, from April 13th through the 15th. Grab a copy of Hidden Things for 99 cents, or any of the other books on sale! A quick look at the promo graphics showed some good ones, so don’t miss out!


Join me on April 27th at Spellbound Books for Independent Bookstore Day! I’ll be part of the Indie Book Bazaar from 2 – 3:45PM, but Independent Bookstore Day is a full day event. If you’re not in the area, check out your local independent bookstore to see what they’ve got planned!

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An Embarrassment of Riches

Yesterday, I posted about selling my novella Sapphires and Gold.

Today, there were two more contracts in my email. Sold, to Forbidden Fiction, Hidden Things (book one of The Swords of Charlemagne), and the reprint rights to From Dusk ’til Dawn.

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Interviews and cover art


Today starts the Blog Tour for Haven’s Fall, which comes out Tuesday (OMG!!!!) Today, you can see an interview that I did with Forbidden Fiction, over on their website.

Also, now that Circlet had debuted the cover art for Heart’s Master to the Patreon patrons, I can show the art to everyone else! Heart’s Master comes out on December 15th.

hearts-master-cover-final-750px(We’re still waiting to find out if Amazon is going to faint over that cover…)

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Missed yesterday, glad to not miss today!

Oops. There was no update last night. However, nothing happened yesterday. There was no baking, and there was no writing. There was, however, a small get together where we ate rather a lot of the cookies that I’d already baked.

All in all, a fun day.

And today, I woke up to the email that told me that Counsel of the Wicked has been named one of the Best of 2015 by Erotica for the Big Brain.

Honestly, there aren’t many ways to end out a year that are better than that!

Now, I have a mug of tea, a couple of cookies, and I’m not moving from this spot until Burden of Truth is done! (Well, okay. I might move. I have to make dinner. But draft today, darn it!)

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What wow? Umm… this wow.

Amazon Best Sellers  Best LGBT Fantasy Counsel of the Wicked  Rebel Mage Book 1   Elizabeth Schechter

If you can’t see it, try this one.Counsel of the Wicked  Rebel Mage Book 1   Elizabeth Schechter

Broke the top 100 for LGBT ebooks for Fantasy.

I am… awed. That’s what I am. Wow.

Thank you.


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Today at SFSE!

Today I have spoken to a packed room on the ins and outs of writing sex, sat in an empty room that was supposed to be a reading/signing, gave an intimate talk on fanfiction, and been interviewed for YouTube.

I gave a copy of House of Sable Locks to Jacqueline Carey, an author who I admire greatly, and told her it was all her fault (for my career, and for the career of Moira Katson, who also started out writing on The Night Court.)

Now I’m sitting at my table, decompressing and watching the tables of two friends who are on a panel. I’m thinking about going and getting some tea, and I just said hi to Orson Scott Card and his wife as they went past my table.

Tomorrow, I have a panel on writing cross-genre, and we’ll see what else happens. But I am truly having an awesome convention!

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