Blurb Draft: Heir of the Firstborn

We have a title for the Elemental Project/Adavar! Heir to the Firstborn now also has a very rough blurb.

What do you think?


Out of the dreams of the Mother Goddess came the four tribes of Adavar, each born from of the elements. And since the beginning, the tribes of Adavar have been ruled by the Firstborn, the descendants of Axia, the firstborn daughter of the Mother Goddess. And as Axia had her four companions by her side throughout her life, so to does the Firstborn have their Council, chosen one from each tribe, so that each tribe has a voice. On the day that the Firstborn takes the throne, their Heir is chosen by the Mother Goddess herself, and no one could fathom someone daring to challenge that divine choice

Until the usurper Mannon turned on Firstborn Tirine, her Council, and Milon, her Heir, stealing the throne of Adavar and throwing the world into chaos. His forces separated the tribes, taking control of all trade and restricting each tribe to their own lands. Divided, the tribes cannot stand against him.

But when Mannon murdered the Firstborn, her Council, and her Heir, he failed to take the Heir’s four companions. Airborn Liara was safe in the mountains with her family when the attacks came. On the orders of the dying Milon, Fireborn Memfis smuggled the other two companions out of the palace and saw them to safety before disappearing into the Smoke Mountains. Now, twenty years later, Waterborn Aleia and her mate, Earthborn Jehan, survive alone far out at sea, maintaining little contact with the Water tribe. It is the only life their son, Aven, has ever known.

Then the storm comes, driving the family canoe into strange waters. There, they find a storm-damaged ship, drifting aimlessly, it’s crew all dead from disease. The only survivor – a girl with wings, imprisoned in the hold. Jehan and Aven free her, and bring her onto the canoe, where Jehan tends to her. When she wakes, she knows Aleia and Jehan on sight, and what she tells them turns Aven’s life upside down.

Her name is Aria.

She is Milon’s daughter.

She is the Heir to the Firstborn, charged by the Goddess to take back what was stolen.

And Aven is her first companion.

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Tales from the Arena: Opening Gambit

Okay. Here’s a blurb. What do you think?

The Ishkarin were created to fight for Tyese. They are the perfect predators, the perfect soldiers, the perfect sadists. But what happens when the war is over? In the Arena, the Ishkarin find an outlet to their natural instincts. Populated by the Collared, the sexual submissives who live to kneel before the predators, the Arena guarantees that the Ishkarin will not turn on the people they are sworn to protect.

On the eve of his appointment as second-in-command to the Ishkarin forces, Gavir is gifted with a night with Iras, the so-called Queen of the Arena. One wild night of passion and pain later, Gavir is enthralled by the woman who wears the red Collar. But when his fascination reveals a secret long buried, how far will Gavir go to protect the woman who has captured his heart?


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