Dorian Go Home!

As you might have guessed from the title, yes, we’re in the midst of storm prep here in the Schechter house. Our storm boards are up. Our supplies are laid in. Medications are refilled. We have water. Tomorrow I make one more shopping run (I forgot to get coffee creamer. This is a necessity.) If I can get into Trader Joes, I’ll be stopping there, too.

We’re waiting to hear what the schools are doing next week. We’re waiting to see where Dorian will come ashore (psst, Dorian! South! Go south! I hear Mar-a-Lago is lovely!) We’re waiting to see how strong the storm is when it does come ashore.

We’re doing… an awful lot of waiting.

I’m still writing — it makes the waiting easier. I’ll keep on keeping on, and on Saturday, I’ll back up my laptop and put my external drive in the lockbox. We’re expecting to start seeing things happening on Sunday, and I’ll be posting every so often to Twitter.  But I won’t be posting here until it’s all over and done with. We’ll see how much work I get done.

See you on the flip side!

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