Grateful writer is grateful

It’s Still Monday.

So this totally counts as a Monday blog. Right?

Children of Dreams is now out, and I am officially taking a break until the end of the year. I’m holding The White Raven: Morrigan’s Wrath until January. I intend to spend the next month refilling my creative bucket, planning for next year, working on some edits, and doing some research.

The White Raven: Morrigan’s Wrath
(The White Raven, Book 2)

19677 / 90000 (21.86%)

Now, that being said, what am I doing?

Cleaning my house, that’s what. While doing my pre-Thanksgiving prep.

I’m both tired and bonkers. But the house has to be clean before guests arrive, and I have to have something to feed them, so there you go.

I am a little worried, though. My turkey has been in the refrigerator since last Wednesday, and it’s still a 16lb block of ice. I need to it thawed by the day after tomorrow so I can brine it. So… ummm… that’s a thing. And the guest of honor for Thursday’s dinner may need to have a long soak in the bathtub tomorrow.

I’m very pleased with the reception that Children of Dreams has had over the past week — the first review hit two days after the book released, and the reviewer loved it! It is, I think, a satisfying ending to the series, to know that readers are loving it.

It’s a good way to end the year.

Now, Cookiepocalypse is coming, so I will still be blogging. But the writing year is over for 2022. And it was a good one. Weird, but good.

On to 2023?

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Surprise! It’s a Convention!

Guess which romance writer whose blog you’re reading RIGHT NOW will be a guest at a convention starting THIS FRIDAY!

Yup. I was asked last week, and I’ll be a guest at virtual Chessiecon November 26th – 28th. Since it’s virtual, I don’t have to go to Maryland in November (yay! But also boo! because there are people I love in Maryland and doing it this way means no hugs.)

My schedule:

Friday, 6:00PM Eastern — Do Immortals Enhance or Detract From your Story?

Friday, 10:30PM Eastern — Reading. (Hrm… what to read?)

Saturday, 10:00AM Eastern —  How Has Diversity Affected SF/F?

Saturday, 2:30 PM Eastern — Where is the Indigenous American Fantasy?

Saturday, 8:30 PM Eastern — Genre Mixing

Sunday, 10:00 AM Eastern — Your Universe, Your Gods

Sunday, 11:30 AM Eastern — Has Fantasy Lost its Wonder (moderating)

The convention will be held via Zoom and Discord, and panel links will be up on Friday.

In other news, Heir to the Firstborn: The Crossroads comes out next week. To celebrate, I’ve made Written in Water FREE all this week!  You can grab a copy wherever ebooks are sold.

(And for some reason, WordPress isn’t letting be upload the ad graphic. Sigh… if it’s not one thing, it’s two things.)

Not much else is happening, mostly because it’s been a busy week, and about to be another busy week. Last weekend was the RWA National Convention, which was fantastic. And this weekend… well, there’s something involving a lot of cooking. And cleaning.

There might not be as many words as there should be this week… and definitely not as many in this post as there could be. There were some last week, but not many.

Heir to the Firstborn: The Way Home
(Heir to the Firstborn, book 6)

50198 / 150000 (33.47%)

If you celebrate this week, have a happy. If you’re traveling, stay safe.

In this time for expressing gratitude, know that I appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for being on the other side of the internet.


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What a Week!!!!

Last week was… wow. Just… whiplash week!

It started Tuesday, when my computer crashed because of an Microsoft update that didn’t go as planned. Yes, that happens. I know. When I finally got the computer straightened out and go everything back up, part of chapter 17 and all of chapter 18 of Heir to the Firstborn were missing.

That’s when I learned that something else wasn’t going as planned.

My automatic saves to Dropbox weren’t saving. And hadn’t been, for about a week.

Now, my editing files are in Google Docs, so I had all of chapter 17, and could replace those missing words into the Scrivener file. But chapter 18 was irrevocable gone, so I started Wednesday planning to get to work on recreating those words.

Yeah… there were no words written on Wednesday, because this happened.

I posted my “where were you when you found out you had finaled?” story on social media (Answer? The shower!) And I’m still just over the moon about this, especially since Written in Water is the book that I pulled out of the 2020 RITA contest in protest. So having it final in the 2021 Vivian contest is just that much sweeter.

(And yes, I’m still giggling when a certain husband of mine comes up and sings “Finalist!”)

And on Thursday, I recreated all the words.

Heir to the Firstborn
(Heir to the Firstborn, book 5)

64313 / 150000


So, last week was a pretty wild ride! And I don’t usually like roller coasters!

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Roger That. Receiving Loud and Clear.

Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4

122403 / 150000 (81.60%)
John Zebedee Meets the Witch Queen of Elfland
21147 / 30000 (70.49%)
NaNoWriMo Words
36754 / 50000 (73.51%)

The start of what would usually be a very busy week for me. If this was a normal Thanksgiving week, I’d have started cooking last Saturday, prepping for Thursday when my house would be full of people.

This year? We’re doing Zoomsgiving. Which will be fun, but it’s not the same. However, I’m grateful that we even have that much.

I suppose that makes sense to say. This is the week of giving thanks.

Now, I’m going to diverge from my usual just talking about my words today, and talk about someone else’s words. This morning, as I was drinking my coffee, I opened the newest issue of Real Simple magazine. I like this magazine — I like the recipes and the articles, and there’s usually something in each issue that I can use.

And today, there was something in the issue that resonated on a very deep level. It was a quote from Hoda Kalb’s book This Just Speaks to Me. She tells the story of a page at NBC, who responded to a compliment by saying “I received that.”

This blew my mind, and I had no idea why.  It took me most of the day to realize why this simple phrase struck a chord.  And I think it’s because I was raised Catholic. Giving and receiving are both a major part of ideal of the Sacraments. St. Augustine’s Prayer says, “May we become what we receive.”

We become what we receive. And what we receive, we can then share with others.

Okay, Liz. Where are you going with this?

Well, I’m thinking of everything I receive from you, my dear Reader.  The feedback, the reviews, the emails…. I am grateful for all of what you have gifted to me over the years. I am grateful to all of you.

I receive that.

Please accept this in return — thank you. I appreciate you, more than you could ever possibly know.

Have a safe and a happy Thanksgiving.

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Missed yesterday, glad to not miss today!

Oops. There was no update last night. However, nothing happened yesterday. There was no baking, and there was no writing. There was, however, a small get together where we ate rather a lot of the cookies that I’d already baked.

All in all, a fun day.

And today, I woke up to the email that told me that Counsel of the Wicked has been named one of the Best of 2015 by Erotica for the Big Brain.

Honestly, there aren’t many ways to end out a year that are better than that!

Now, I have a mug of tea, a couple of cookies, and I’m not moving from this spot until Burden of Truth is done! (Well, okay. I might move. I have to make dinner. But draft today, darn it!)

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What wow? Umm… this wow.

Amazon Best Sellers  Best LGBT Fantasy Counsel of the Wicked  Rebel Mage Book 1   Elizabeth Schechter

If you can’t see it, try this one.Counsel of the Wicked  Rebel Mage Book 1   Elizabeth Schechter

Broke the top 100 for LGBT ebooks for Fantasy.

I am… awed. That’s what I am. Wow.

Thank you.


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One of these days, someone is going to pinch me, and I’m going to wake up. Because I simply cannot believe that I get to live this life. I mean, I must have been extra special good the last time around or something to deserve this! First, we have House of Sable Locks being named a modern erotic classic. And now, this just happened:  The Rape of Persephone eBook  Elizabeth Schechter  Kindle Store


This may very well be my first ever top 20 anything, and it’s for The Rape of Persephone.

Here’s the list in picture form:

Amazon Best Sellers  Best 30 Minute Science Fiction   Fantasy Short Reads

Wow. I am…


Thank you.



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