Works in Progress, Week Two: Bones of Earth and Blood Bound

Blood Bound

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Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

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Things are a little slow here — there have been lots of back to school related things that have kept me away from my desk. Here’s hoping things calm down a little so I can focus.

Blood Bound is moving quite well, for all that I keep having to stop and do the worldbuilding that I didn’t really get done over the summer. You’d think that with as long as this has been on the back burner, I’d have done some of it. Umm… nope!

Part of the problem, which isn’t REALLY a problem, is that Daniel, the main character, is a bartender at night, but during the day he teaches yoga and pole dancing. Now, I know from yoga. I’ve been doing yga for years. Pole dancing is entirely a new thing for me. So I’m watching lots of YouTube videos on male pole dancing. For research. Really.

With Bones of Earth, I have a good idea where things are going to go. It’s just sitting down and getting them there. Once I get into the swing of things again, we should be good. And in the meantime, I’ve finished my initial editing pass on Forged in Fire, and handed them off for another set of eyes. I’m still thinking that we’re looking at an October publication date and new books on the table at Necronomicon.

Since I can’t give an excerpt from Bones of Earth without spoilers for Forged in Fire, let’s meet Itami Hiro, our vampire love-interest from Blood Bound.


It was still early, so it wouldn’t be busy for hours yet. Especially since the performers didn’t start until eight. Right now, it was a couple of the regulars, mostly humans, who called out greetings and went to claim their usual spaces. Several of them called out drink orders, and Daniel was busy enough with them that, while he noticed the man take a seat at the bar, he didn’t really see him until Sarah had taken the drinks away. Then he turned with a smile, wiping his hands on a bar towel, and tried not to stare. He immediately recognized the man as a vampire — he’d gotten good at that over the years. But he’d never seen this man before. He’d remember those looks, and that hair — pure white, straight and hanging loose over the shoulders of his perfectly tailored suit. Definitely not a bleach job. He wore dark glasses, and Daniel wondered if it was an affectation, or medical. He was betting medical.

“Welcome to The Blood Bank,” Daniel said as he walked over. “First time?”

“You can tell?” The vampire took off his glasses, revealing not red irises as Daniel had expected, but pale purple. Daniel nodded.

“I’ve never seen you here before, and I’m always behind the bar. What can I get for you, sir?” He watched the man as he took a snifter from the warmer. He was Asian. Albino Asian vampire. Not familiar. From somewhere other than New York, Daniel decided. Who was he? And he was alone. Where was his bond-slave? “We’ve got lamb, veal, venison and ostrich on tap. The ostrich is new and small batch.”

“Ostrich?” The vampire sniffed. “Is there someone who drinks that?”

“Between you, me and the bar? I really doubt it,” Daniel said, and the vampire laughed. Daniel wiped his hand again on the bar towel, then held his hand out. “Daniel Remington.” The vampire took the offered hand and shook it, but didn’t offer his own name. “What can I get you, sir?” Daniel repeated.

The vampire looked at him for a moment, studying him. He was squinting slightly, and Daniel reached out and turned off the task light closest to him, cutting the glare off on that portion of the bar. The vampire looked surprised. Then he smiled.

“A drink,” he said. “Not blood.” He looked Daniel up and down, almost appraisingly. “Surprise me.”

“Surprise you,” Daniel repeated. “Okay.” He nodded, thinking. He was starting to suspect that he was talking with the new owner. Which meant he needed to impress. Flash. He grinned. “Sweet or savory?”

“Surprise me,” the vampire repeated. Daniel nodded.

“Sure. Give me a minute.” He turned, studied the bar for a moment, then decided and started picking things up. Vodka and coconut water, cranberry juice, blue curacao, and simple syrup. He could feel Trace watching him as he filled a rocks glass with ice, then filled the Boston shaker with ice, and measured his ingredients. He changed the proportions just a bit, just enough, and shook the drink up. Then he carried the glass and the shaker over to the vampire, set the glass down, then broke the shaker open and deftly poured the contents into the glass. The drink, which would normally be a pale blue, was instead a light shade of purple.

“There you go,” he said. “On the house. Welcome to The Blood Bank.”

“On the house?”

“First timers get welcomed in. And besides, it matches your eyes.” Daniel grinned and winked at the vampire, who looked stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud.

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Works in Progress: Forged in Fire and Table of Stone

It’s been both a busy week and not nearly a busy enough week, if that makes any sense. I did a lot of things, and not nearly enough of them were writing. Although I did have the interesting experience of writing while in a salt room — no electronics allowed, so my notebook and pen were both covered with a fine coating of salt by the end of the forty-five minutes.

Table of Stone
Swords of Charlemagne, Book 4

Forged in Fire
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 2

In Table of Stone, I’ve hit THE BIG REVEAL that I’ve been building toward through other three books, and I really hope it’s as big a reveal as I think it is. I don’t think I’ve telegraphed it too much, but there are some scenes in book one that I’m hoping will have readers of book four going “Is THAT what that meant???”

Playing the long game, that’s me.

And in Heir to the Firstborn news, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Written in Water released this past Tuesday, to some reasonably good sales and very nice reviews. (And if you didn’t notice, that means that I failed my social media game miserably!) Forged in Fire is coming along nicely — I’ve just queued up chapter nine, and we’re learning that there’s more to Owyn than even he expected. But if you want those details, you have to join me on Patreon, or wait until July or August. But honestly, now that you’ve started reading book one, do you really want to wait that long? Instant gratification can be yours…

Here, have a hint of what’s coming:

Owyn crouched over Freckle’s neck, feeling the horse’s mane whipping at his face. He could hear Cloud, see Aven just behind him and to the right. And behind them, the guards were following, close enough that Owyn could see them clearly, even though the moon was still behind the mountains, but not close enough to catch their quarry. Which didn’t make sense — didn’t the guards want to catch them?


“Aven, they’re herding us!” he shouted over his shoulder. “We’re heading into a trap!”

He heard Aven swear, and fought the urge to giggle — had Aven even known those words before, or was Owyn a bad influence?

“The trap is south,” Aven shouted back. “Possibly east, too. We can’t go west. How many are behind us?”
Owyn glanced back, counting fast. “Six,” he called. “I think six. They’re spread out.”

Aven responded by slowing Cloud to a walk. Owyn reined in Freckles, stopping as Aven did, watching as Aven turned to count, then looked at the sky. Suddenly, Owyn knew what Aven was going to propose. What they were going to do.

“You’re going to get us both killed,” he warned.

“This isn’t your place to die,” Aven reminded him without looking at him. “They’ve stopped. Probably wondering what we’re up to.”

“Oh, you mean like I’m wondering what we’re up to? Aven, this is insane!” Owyn protested. “And… and I don’t have any other ideas.”

This time, Aven grinned. “Here’s to insanity,” he said. “There’s nothing like an insane idea. No one ever expects them.” Without another word, he turned Cloud toward the north and charged at their pursuers.

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Works in Progress: Table of Stone and Forged in Fire

Table of Stone
Swords of Charlemagne, Book 4

Forged in Fire
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 2

I realized yesterday (I think) that I never updated the blog last week. I’m going to have to start doing it some other day than Sunday. Sunday is family day, and I don’t always get onto the computer.

Words proceed apace on both Table of Stone and Forged in Fire.  Table of Stone got a slow start, mostly because I was busy with everything to do with getting Written in Water ready for publication, and the Highland Games, and the OCLS Writers conference that I attended last week. (Which was amazing, and if you’re in the Orlando area next January, I highly recommend it.) Once things calmed down, the words started flowing again.

Speaking of Written in Water, the first review on an ARC hit Goodreads this afternoon. I’m very pleased — first reviews are always nerve-wracking! We’re now just over two weeks from publication, and I just hit the approve button on the paperback proofs. So yes, there will be dead tree versions of the book! Once the sales links are up for those, I’ll post them.

Now, an excerpt from Forged in Fire. Writing this made me giggle, so I’m figuring it’s a good thing.


“He’ll be starving when he wakes up,” she added. “I’m not sure what we left for him will be enough.”

“It’ll have to be,” Owyn answered. “We won’t have anything else until we get to that village. Unless we hunt…” he frowned. “Or fish. You lived on the canoe with him. Do you know how to fish?”

“Not the way they do it,” Aria answered. “They used nets and spears underwater. I’m not sure about how to do it from land. I know how to open oysters. But I don’t know how to tell where to find them.”

Owyn nodded slowly. Then he perked up. “How about crabs? Aven said there were crabs in… in where we found that poor bastard. You can eat crabs, can’t you?”

“Me?” Aria asked. “Or us?”

“Us.” Owyn moved Trinket to his shirt pocket. Then he got to his feet and brushed the sand off his trousers. “I’m pretty sure we can eat them. Come on. Let’s go see if we can find some.”

Aria got up and followed him down the beach and around the rocks. It seemed like a good idea. She just hoped that Memfis knew what to do to prepare crabs — it didn’t seem fair to make Aven prepare his own meal, even if he didn’t have to catch it. By the time she caught up with Owyn, they were around the rocks and into the sheltered cavern where Owyn and Aven had found the body. Owyn was standing near the edge of the pool of water, frowning.

“Now what?” he asked as she came closer.

“It was your idea,” she pointed out. “Do you not know how to do it?”

Owyn grimaced. “I was kinda hoping you did. You hunt. Aven hunts. I’ve never hunted before, and where I’m from, catching crabs has a whole ‘nother meaning.”

Aria blinked. “What does it mean?”

He blinked. “You don’t know? Right.. well, it’s not a good thing. That’s all I’m going to say. So what do we do?”




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New Year, who dis?

I realized that I really do have to get back to updating the blog more frequently. I fell out of the habit over the holidays. Bad writer. No biscuit!

Work has started on both new novels. If you’re following along, that’s Table of Stone (Swords of Charlemagne 4) and Forged in Fire (Heir to the Firstborn 2)

Table of Stone
Swords of Charlemagne, Book 4

Forged in Fire
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 2

 (Forged in Fire is further along because I stated it on January 1st. Table of Stone is a week behind)

Written in Water is in the pre-order stage of publishing — you can find it anywhere you find ebooks, and it will drop on Tuesday, February 19th. The proof for the paperback is sitting in m inbox, waiting for approval, but I’m waiting on my beta readers to check in with me and let me know if I screwed anything up. There have already been typos that have slipped through the editing process. Those are now fixed.

Forged in Fire should start showing up on Patreon on February 1st. Remember, these are the largely unedited chapters, so if you want to see the sausage being made, come join the party!

No data yet on when Swords of Charlemagne will start showing up in places. Nor any data on anything else that’s out in traditional publishing land. Once I know, you’ll know.

And that’s where we are. I’m busy getting ready for the weekend because I’ll be volunteering at The Central Florida Highland Games.  This means that if anyone is in Central Florida, you can find me in an unofficial capacity (well, unofficial writer capacity) working at the Bairn Care tents on Saturday and Sunday. This means I’ll be offline most of the weekend, and writing will begin in full earnest on Tuesday of next week.

See you there! Unless you’re not there, in which case, I won’t see you there.

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Presales are up for Written in Water!



Barnes and Noble:


There will be a paperback, too. That link will be along soon.

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Busy, Busy!!!!

Busy, busy morning!

Ebooks are set up for presale

Print book is uploaded for layout and processing.

ARCS are off to readers

Written in Water is coming February 19th!

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Freebie Alert!

From May 1st to May 5th, my short story The Rape of Persephone will be FREE on Amazon.


It still amuses me that my one story with no erotic content is consistently my best seller. If you haven’t read it yet, you can grab a copy on the 1st! Or you can pay the dollar and get it now.

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So… this happened.

CounselWicked_CvrPDFSwirl Awards Finalist  Badge

I do not yet know when the awards will be announced. But yay!!!!

In other news, Burden of Truth has been retitled. It is now Haven’s Fall, and it is with the line editor. I’ve been told that I’ll have edits back soon, and we’re shooting for a November release.

I’ve seen the cover, and it’s AWESOME. And that’s all I can tell you, so there. NYAH!!!

Sins of the Father is coming along, and is so far off outline that I can’t see the original route from here. I’m fairly certain that it will still end up in the same place, but instead of my original map, I’m taking the scenic back roads. Which have been educational — I never would have figured out that THAT character was the ultimate big bad otherwise. (Seriously, this one character has been thumbing their nose at me for two and a half books now.)

And in other, other news, I’ve found out that one of my publishers is closing their doors, and will be reverting rights. They’re being very lovely and generous about the whole thing, and even including cover art in the reversion. I’m sorry to see them go. But just when I think I’m out of the self-publishing gig…



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Market Day.

I am self-admittedly lousy at marketing. Especially when I’m in the middle of writing a novel, or working on edits, or doing the fifty-million things that need to be done around the house as a mom and domestic engineer (cough*housewife*cough). Which is my way of saying that I’d rather have root canal than do promotions.

Bad writer, no biscuit.

So…. here are the things that are currently available!

Most recently is Bi Magic, from Forbidden Fiction. I have two stories in this anthology: Fools Rush In and To Market. A print version is also available.




Fools Rush In is also available as a standalone story, also from Forbidden Fiction



There’s also Her Captive, which was my playing with an idea that came from Tom Smith’s song “Kidnapped by Pirates is Good!”


Then there’s the AWARD-WINNING House of Sable Locks from Circlet Press, which is available in ebook, in print, and in a delicious audio-book.



There are my two self-publishing experiments, the Tales from the Arena books. Opening Gambit and Playing for Keeps are available as ebooks and in print.

2Smashwords 1Smashwords



And hey, if you want to go back to the beginning, there’s also Princes of Air, my first novel!


There will be a sequel eventually — I have an idea of where the story will go. I just need to get it down on the page.

As soon as I finish these edits. And that novel over there. And the dishes….


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