I… ummm… uh

I just posted chapter 9  of House of Sable Locks to the crit group, along with comments on the problems I anticipate from the content. (Seriously, Chapters nine and ten might make the whole book unpublishable in the current publishing market. An under-aged main character (he’s sixteen, which was not underaged at the time the story was set) involved in an abusive relationship with a manipulative psychopath (who is only a year older)… yeah, a bit hard to get past the morality police, I think).

One of the people who have been critting since chapter 1 told  me that any possible resolutions would be like taking chainsaws to a Rodin. I am so completely blown away by this comment, I can’t even… wow!

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>Funny thing, that…

>I have no idea why, but writing sex scenes seems to take me forever. I’ve been working on and around the same scene for days now, and I’ll finally finish it tonight. Only to have to jump into the next sex scene that I set up because I had skipped over THIS sex scene and continued writing, because I’m on deadline and refuse to be bogged down.

Sometimes, you just can’t win.

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