Let’s talk about dinosaurs.

(Liz, why are we talking about dinosaurs? There are more important things to talk about!)

Bear with me. And besides, I’m writing this, and we’re talking about dinosaurs. So deal with it.

(eyeroll All right. Dinosaurs. Rawr.)

Right. Dinosaurs. Once upon a fucklong ago, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Biggest things ever. Apex predators, giant herbivores, they were everywhere. With me so far?


Fine. Where are they now?

(Wait… oh)

Right. We don’t have dinosaurs any more. Giant meteor, things went boom, giant apex predators went b’bye now. I imagine that it wasn’t quick – there had to have been some that didn’t die off right away. There was some kicking and fighting before they all died out.

Except… they didn’t. Some survived. They evolved. You know why when you eat something, you think it tastes like chicken? Odd are pretty good that what you’re eating evolved from a common ancestor – a dinosaur (so really, it tastes like dinosaur. Cool, right?)

Birds. Lizards. Chickens – they based the movements of the T.Rex in Jurassic Park on chickens. Geese have NEVER forgotten that they were once dinosaurs.

They evolved. They changed. They survived.

So, why am I talking about dinosaurs?

(I asked you that question.)

Because there are parallels here. The RWA has been hit by a figurative meteor of epic proportions. And… we’re at the kicking and fighting stage among the dinosaurs. The ones who didn’t just leave are trying DESPERATELY to survive in the face of unavoidable change. Because it is unavoidable.

But you have a choice, you know. All of your dinosaurs. You have a CHOICE. You can change. You can evolve. You can survive, and step into what comes after the dust settles. You can grow, and learn, and be part of that new world. A world where romance is not defined by skin tone or gender or number or abilities or lack thereof! A world where romance isn’t the many and myriad shades of white. A world where love is love is LOVE.

Because THAT world is the future of the RWA.

And you? You’re just a dinosaur.


What do you think?

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