Don’t Make Any Sudden Moves!

We don’t want to startle 2022. Approach gently and carefully, and maybe we’ll be all right.

Seriously, how many of us are starting the year like this?

Welcome to 2022. I think? Maybe?

I spent time last week catching up on my rest, my reading, and on my TV. We’re into season 2 of She-Ra, and I started Bridgerton, and was immediately annoyed by the subplot that shouldn’t have been there (I spent quite a few minutes going “Who’s Marina? Did I miss her? Is she in the later books?”) I’ll try again later, when I’ve given myself space between reading the book and seeing the series.  I watched quite a bit of Tasting History with Max Miller on YouTube, which is well worth the watching and I can’t wait for his book to come out! And we watched Encanto on New Years Eve, and everyone needs to see that movie (also, Bruno is living rent-free in my head now, and I need to cosplay as Luisa.)

There was no writing done last week, and only a little after I blogged two weeks ago, but Heir to the Firstborn: The Way Home is now past the halfway mark in the outline (you know, the one that my characters never seem to want to follow?) We hit the midpoint event, and introduced a fun character (when you meet Frayim, you’ll know WHY Bruno is now living rent-free in my head.)

Heir to the Firstborn: The Way Home
(Heir to the Firstborn, book 6)

73606 / 150000 (49.07%)

I spent time last week thinking about Tales from the Arena: Dead Man’s Hand, which is the final book in the series, and had been taking a while because the characters wouldn’t tell me what it was about. I have about half a book plotted out. Slightly less plotted out on Blood Price, book 3 of the Flesh and Blood series, but I have time on that one.

In the works for this year? The Box Set of Swords of Charlemagne is currently up for preorder, and will drop on February 1st. I’ll be reformatting and re-releasing the Rebel Mage books on KU (and they will be staying on KU. Dark erotic romance seems to do well there.)  The Way Home will be out in late 2022, and we’ll see if there will be one more release this year (I have the date blocked out, but I might not have anything ready to release. We’ll see.)

I’m also waiting on news on several things in slush, including

  • Sapphires and Gold (which is under contract)
  • Bonds of Blood and Steel (sequel to House of Sable Locks)
  • The White Raven: Morrigan’s Heir
  • the John Zebedee books (not sure what’s happening with that project anymore)
  • Blood Bound (Flesh and Blood, book 1)
  • The tenth anniversary edition of Princes of Air (which is late, I know.)

On the business side of writing, I’ll be working in a business plan this quarter. Writing is a business, I should have a plan. Q2 will have a financial plan as a focus, and Q3 will have a better marketing plan (better than throw money at ads and hope it works…)

So that’s where things are in this neck of the woods. At least, for now.

What do you think?

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