Drive the Cold Winter Away.

Those of you who know me, and who know I live in Florida, are probably laughing right now, and looking at me funny, because cold winter and Florida do not usually go together. And while it did snow in Florida recently, it’s nothing like what they have in our former stomping grounds of the Baltimore/DC Corridor.  So cold winter, Liz? Really?

For the record? It’s a song lyric from a Tudor era song that may have been written by Henry VIII (or it may not have. Provenance hazy, ask again later.)

It’s chilly in the mornings, here, but not enough to need more than a sweatshirt when we leave to head out to school at way-too-early-for-a-teenager. But this morning, I noticed that it was lighter out when we left. Dawn is coming earlier, which I like — I hate driving to school in pitch blackness.

I had a busy week last week — I went through all three Rebel Mage books, tweaked them, fixed the formatting, and uploaded them for presale! Now, these will be working a little different — Rebel Mage will be staying in KU. You won’t find these ebooks on any other platform. There will be paperbacks, but the ebooks will be KU only, at least while dark romance remains a hot item in KU page reads. Counsel drops in March, Haven’s Fall in May, and Where Home Lies in July.

Last week I also got some marketing done for Swords of Charlemagne: The Complete series — the box set is on preorder for a February 1st drop, and I started ads running to promote that on Friday. The box set will be wide — available everywhere you find ebooks.  (that link will show all the bookstores, once they all finish loading. I just this moment realized that I never hit PUBLISH on the wide version when Table of Stone came out of KU. Umm… oops.)

Focusing on marketing and on the Rebel Mage books means that I didn’t get as much work done on The Way Home as I wanted. But there was some forward progress, so I’ll take it.

Heir to the Firstborn: The Way Home
(Heir to the Firstborn, book 6)

77002 / 150000 (51.33%)
I’m thinking that I’m still on track for a November release on this book, with a possibility of moving it up. We’ll see how the chapters play out over on the Patreon — the book will not release to the public until after the last chapter is live on Patreon, whenever that might be.
I’m still dithering over what the next Patreon project will be. I have three potentials, but two of them are books that I started and that stalled out. I need to see if I can figure out where those broke and fix them before I commit either of them to Patreon.
And I’m working on the synopsis/outline for Tales from the Arena: Dead Man’s Hand, because Teren is FINALLY talking to me and wanting his story told. We’ll see when that one actually gets written, though. Depends on… well, a lot of things. It’ll get written. At some point.
And that’s about all from this particular locale.



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