End of the year scorecard

It’s the end of the writing year! I have a novel ALMOST done. I also have baking to do.So, let’s have some accountability.

Today’s score?


J. finished reading The Iliad. He also finished his 4-H Butterfly Wings workbook and took his second to last weekly quiz in 4th grade math. Cursive is coming along nicely, too. On target to finish 4th grade math next week. Debating on starting The Odyssey now, or waiting until January.


  • one batch of coconut macaroons.
  • baked the layers for three color cookies and sandwiched them.
  • a dozen gluten-free cupcakes
  • one slightly odd Winnie-the-Pooh cake with leftover cupcake batter. (Well, I had this pan, you see…)


As of 3:45 PM: No words yet today

Update as of 9:44 PM: 1,298 words.

Total words on Burden of Truth: Book Two of The Rebel Mage

What do you think?

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