Free for your social distancing reading

Things are really weird right now. And not in a happy, fun way. When all of us geeks said that we wanted to live in the future, we were thinking rocket cars and space travel, not global pandemics.

We meant Star Trek, guys! Not The Stand! And definitely NOT The Andromeda Strain!

I’m reading the news, and trying to keep things normal for kids who know full well things are NOT normal. This was was supposed to have been Spring Break, and school was supposed to be back in on Monday. The theme parks are closed, they closed restaurants today, and we did NONE of the fun things I had planned. Monday, instead of going back to school, we start week two of being home. Online school starts the following Monday, and they MIGHT go back to school on April 15th. Maybe.

Personally? I doubt we’ll see the inside of a school again this year. Which sucks for J, who is graduating middle school and was supposed to have the 8th grade graduation trip and the graduation dance.  The trip was supposed to be April 10th. We’ll see what happens about the dance.

So what do we do?

Well, if you’re me, you throw some books out into the wild for free. Here. Have something to read.

I’m still working on Bones of Earth — it’s a little slow going. Finding the time to write during the day is… challenging.  But it’s coming along, and will be finished soon.  Then on to Wings of Air.
So I’ll keep making the words. You keep reading them. And we’ll get along that way.
Stay safe. And go wash your hands.

What do you think?

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