Getting started.

School started last week, which means I started, too. Last Monday was day one of Blood Bound, and today is day one of Bones of Earth.

Blood Bound

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Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

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Yes, the wordcounter has no words in it yet. Don’t worry! They’re coming.

Blood Bound is already being fun. Have a bit (our set up is that Daniel, our main character, is the bartender in a club that caters to vampires and humans. So they offered what’s called poured blood, as opposed to living blood. Living blood is taken right from the source.)


“What have we got for poured blood tonight?” Daniel asked, checking the snifters in the warmer. Fully stocked. Good. “And how fresh?”

“Lamb, veal, venison, and ostrich.”

Daniel looked up. “Ostrich?”

“It’s trendy.” Trace shrugged. “Or so I’m told. I’m sure I don’t know. Anton ordered it, and it was all delivered this morning. Went straight into the warmer.”

Daniel looked around and saw Anton across the club. “Anton! Ostrich? Really?”

“It is the new big thing,” Anton called back. “It will sell like… flapjacks?”

Daniel laughed. “Hotcakes. And whoever told you that is full of shit. It’s not mammalian. It won’t sell. ”

Anton waved one hand. “It will sell!”

“It won’t,” Daniel insisted. “It’s going to be exactly like the alligator disaster last March!”

Anton scowled at him, but he was smiling. “I manage. You tend the bar. I buy the blood. You sell the blood. So sell the blood.” He shook his head. “We bought a small batch,” he admitted. “I will not lose a week of sales on an assurance of the next big thing. Trust me so much, hm?”


I started Bones of Earth in my walking around notebook this morning while waiting for class to start at the gym. I’m not sure how many words I have down yet, but we’ll see in a bit. I need to set up the Scrivener file for it. And I have… just about an hour and a half before I have to leave for carline.

Ready… set… word!

What do you think?

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