I really do need to post more often, don't I?

I just realize that it’s been a month since I last posted. I’ve been busy. Mostly with writing — Heart’s Master is done, and finished going through the crit group yesterday. So now I’m waiting to hear from my editor if she wants to see it first, or if it needs to go to the general Circlet slush. Then there were the three short stories — two of which I actually finished (the other got parked for me to figure out where it was going). Between O, Promise Me! and Sapphires and Gold, I write 20,000 words in a  month. I think I burned out, because March was mostly noodling. I worked a bit on The Sea Prince, and then put that aside again, since Danielle is working on Nomad’s Moon. Then I went on to doing some final research. The plan was to start April 1st on The Willow Sword, and finish it by Memorial Day (60 days, 60,000 words. I can do that!).

Never start a project on April Fool’s Day. Just sayin’. Because I got an email from my other favorite editor (I have two), who asked “Are you going to submit something to my new anthology please say yes?”

So I said yes. That will be a rather fun bit called Kidnapped by Pirates, the title of which is inspired by a Tom Smith song called “Kidnapped by Pirates” is Good. That one will go off sometime next week, but it also inspired another new novel that may turn into ANOTHER series (I will never  have time to write all of them. I REALLY want to get to the Mystere books, Muse! Do you hear me?!?)

Yeah, right. She never listens to me anyway.

So. Here’s the state of the writer:

To Revise:

  • Playing For Keeps (short story to launch Tales from the Arena)

To Write:

  • Kidnapped by Pirates
  • The Willow Sword
  • From Dusk til Dawn
  • Sea Prince (To be written with Danielle Jones)
  • Wanderer’s Moon (next book in the Midnight Moon series. Not to be done until we sell Nomad’s Moon)

To Outline

  • Coral Throne (sequel to Sea Prince)
  • Hidden Things (Mystere Book 1)
  • The Lady and the Sword (Mystere Book 2)
  • Ashes and Light (Mystere Book 3)
  • Tablets of Stone (Mystere Book 4)
  • Rainbow Wars (YA)
  • Holy Orders ( Sequel to Heart’s Master)
  • Steam and Screw

To Sell

  • Nomad’s Moon
  • Exile’s Moon
  • Sapphires and Gold
  • Heart’s Master
  • Holy Palmer’s Kiss

What do you think?

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