(Insert Witty Title Here)

Maybe I’ll get back to that title. Or maybe not. That’s about the state of my brain this morning.

It’s been a long weekend. Not in a bad way, mind you. In a “it’s a holiday, so people around me are blowing things up.” kind of way.  They’re still blowing thing up — I heard fireworks going off as I wrote this sentence, at 12:41 Eastern on Monday the 6th.

Florida tends to go all in on the fireworks, and for DAYS.

We did what everyone else in their right minds did — stayed in, had our own personal barbecue, and watched Hamilton. 

Yes, there was ugly crying in Act 2. And I had massive amounts of restrain and didn’t sing along with… well… EVERYTHING.

There wasn’t a heck of a lot of writing. I haven’t actually written a word since Thursday. But last week was still a good writing week

Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4

40655 / 120000 (33.88%)

Things are progressing, and I think I might actually get Aria and her Companions out of the city and on their way by the start of the next chapter.

Maybe. I hope.

In other writing news, the deadline for John Zebedee has been pushed back, so I have time to explore the other stories that he’s been whispering in my ear. I’m plotting those out now, and we’ll see where they go. I have on my to-do list to edit the first book this month, and then get into reworking Sea Prince.  Once I’m done with that, I’ll dive back in to writing John and Ethriel.

In other, other writing news, there’s a new online bookstore out there — Eden Books. I spent a good bit of my morning getting set up there.  We’ll see how it works out.

Also, I’m running a Summer Sale from now until the end of July.  Written in Water is marked down to $2.99 on all platforms, and Forged in Fire is $4.50. Running a sale without spending any advertising dollars (because let’s not feed the FB hate machine) is a bit like yelling down a well. The books are on sale, but does anyone know about them?

Well, now you do. And if you don’t already have the first two books? Give them a try! There’s even a shiny new bookstore to check out!

Stay in, y’all. Stay safe. Read more books.

What do you think?

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