Late Post is Late

It’s been a Monday. That’s my reason and my excuse. Monday. That  and I’ve been busy!

Written in Water is now up for sale with the new cover and edits. If you see an electronic copy with the old cover, it’s the old version. There shouldn’t be any vendor with the old covers anymore, except in paperback.

The updated paperbacks will be coming in November. That will, I hope, give vendors a chance to sell out of the old stock. I hope.

The rest of the Heir to the Firstborn series are not available for sale. That’s so people don’t buy the old copies expecting new updates. I’ll be relisting them as the new edits are completed and run through my editor. Forged in Fire will be coming in the next two weeks or so.

Today, I finished the edits for Visions in Smoke, so I’m now onto the rewrites for Children of Dreams. 

I have updated the giveaway to include the revised edition of Written in Water. So… want it free? Go here!

And in other news…. I’ve just approved the final proof of the anniversary edition of Princes of Air. The cover is ready. There’s bonus material. I can’t wait!!!! SOON!!!!

Boy, I cannot WAIT to see Princes of Air on the table at a convention next year! It has never before been available in print.

I think that’s all. And even if it isn’t, it’s late (for me, yes, this is late.)


What do you think?

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