>Like a Sacred Desire!


It’s OUT!!!!

Like a Sacred Desire rolls out this morning, and includes my short story “The Hand You’re Dealt.” (which is the first story I ever wrote for Circlet!). Go check it out — the teaser for the book is from Hand!


>Hi! Just wanted to say I read your story in "Like A Sacred Desire" and really enjoyed it. Do you have plans to extend the universe into a longer story? Or have you already and could you point it out? :)I thought the idea of what you wrote was really quite clever and was by far my favorite of the entire book.

Elizabeth Schechter

>Hi!Sorry it's been so long in answering your question. One little setting done wrong and you don't get emails sent when someone comments!Yes, there will be more from Nick and Steven. A novel, in fact, tentatively entitled Drum Mage. I can't give a definite date on it, because it's still in process, and I have a major revision and another novel to finish in here before I dive into that one. But I promise, the outline is there and it will be written!Thanks so much!

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