LJ Chat, Day One, Post Two

Originally posted 11/17/2011 at the Circlet Press Livejournal


And, here’s the first excerpt! (Yes, it is short. Just to get your attention.

In ages past, the gods and goddesses of ancient Eire walked the wide world, dallying with mortals and meddling in their affairs, causing wars and ending them, making alliances and breaking them, playing fidchell with living pieces. Some of these immortals, for amusement or out of boredom, chose to procreate with their especially favored mortals. Thus there came to be in Eire a race of demigods, who lived as part of the world and yet apart from it.

Such it was with the Morrigan, the Great Queen, Goddess of War and of Fertility. Nine Princes of Air there were, nine sons of the Morrigan, each gifted by their mother with the mortal magics of their unknown fathers, and with the power to take on human form or a raven’s wings, as it pleased them. When they took on their human guises, they walked as princes among men, each one a warrior, and each wearing a cloak of raven feathers that clearly marked them as Other. The Raven Boys, the old folks called them, those who remembered the days when the Morrigan brought the first of her sons to live in their mountain home. They remembered, and they warned the foolhardy against testing the mettle of the children of the gods.

Despite the warnings, there were those who never listened…

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