Mirror, Mirror: Groundwork (Patreon public post from 6/6/18)

I’ve realized just this minute that I need to mirror my public posts from Patreon over here in the blog.  This is the first of the public posts that happened over there.

As we go forward, I’ll start the mirrored posts off with Mirror, Mirror, and tag them as such, so that they’re obvious.


All right. It’s time to get this thing moving.

The amount of groundwork that I do for my writing tends to vary, depending on what genre I’m writing. Sometimes, it’s just historical research. Sometimes, it’s historical research with worldbuilding that harmonizes around actual events — Swords of Charlemagne, the current series, is like that, as is the entire Princes of Air universe, and House of Sable Locks.

And sometimes, the worldbuilding is everything. That was the Rebel Mage trilogy, Tales From the Arena, and now, this thing. Which still doesn’t have a name, so I’m going to continue calling it the Elemental Project.

I love worldbuilding, says the frustrated wanna-be anthropologist (my college advisor told me that I couldn’t do a triple major. Boo!) Creating the myths and religions and magic systems and the whys and wherefores of a culture is like catnip for me. The degree I will go to for a given project will vary — there was a little in depth work done for Rebel Mage, but much more for Tales From the Arena. Sometimes, things develop organically. Sometimes, I have pages and pages of notes before I even start writing.

This is going to be a pages and pages of notes project. Otherwise, why bother with the Patreon?

I’ve been thinking about where to start this project. Basic info about the world and government? Character information? Backstory and history?


Creation myths. Worlds begin when worlds begin.

That’s where we start. And that should be coming up soon. It will also be the first post that will be Patrons only. So, if you want to see it? You know what to do.

See you in a few days!

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