Mirror, Mirror: How The Sausage Gets Made

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As I’ve said before, the level of detail I go into when I’m worldbuilding depends on the project. Right now, while I’m working on Adavar, I’m also rereading some Victorian history for when I go back to working on Swords of Charlemagne. I tend to have multiple projects going on in the back of my brain — I call it having a story percolate.
Now, what you’ll see as I’m working on building the world of Adavar (aka, the Elemental project) are things that will help me later on down the line. Things like the creation myth will give me a handle on how the people of Adavar think and react, because these are things that color how they see their world.
I think that it’s time like this when you really do see that I’m a frustrated anthropologist at heart. I don’t think I ever really got over my college adviser telling me that I couldn’t do a triple major (which would have been English, Secondary Education, and Cultural Anthropology).
Anyway, the creation myth gives me the foundation. Now I’ll be looking more closely at each tribe and how they interact, and I’ll be looking at how the government works.
My next Patron post will probably be within the next week or so, and I need some feedback. Do we stay with pay per post, or go to pay by the month? If we stay with pay per post, then I’ll be posting five or more paid posts in the next month or two. Then, once August starts, I’ll be tapering off because I’ll be getting back to Swords of Charlemagne. How do we want to proceed?
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