Mirror: Sex and the Single Merman

Working on chapter 13, and I just wrote the first sex scene in Heir to the Firstborn. Chapter 13 will go up at the end of October.

The sex scene will not appear in chapter 13 at that time.

And, now that I’ve confused you, let me explain. Patreon is cracking down on adult content, and some creators have lost their accounts even if adult content was posted for Patrons only. Since I do not want to lose my Patreon, the sex scene in chapter 13 will be a fade to black, left to my readers most fertile imaginations. All of the sex scenes that run on Patreon will be like this.


When the book comes out, the sex scenes will appear in uncensored form. So when the book comes out, there will be new content (aka, the good bits, to quote William Goldman).

So, there is something to look forward to.

Also, making a mental note that I really do need to write something other than a blog post entitled “Sex and the Single Merman.”

What do you think?

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