Monday, Monday

It’s late (well, it’s late for me) on a Monday, and I’ve finally gotten the time to sit and actually write something. Which is about par for my days these days. If the words aren’t already on the page, I’m not getting to them. So The Sea Prince is officially on the schedule for 2023. I’m focusing on edits for the moment.

I finished my first read through of Children of Dreams and… yeah, there are some rewrites in that book’s future. It will probably be the book that changes the most from the version that went live on Patreon. And I’m okay with that! My plans right now are to finish the rereads of Wings of Air (currently in process) and Visions in Smoke (formerly Heir to the Firstborn: The Crossroads), and then get the rewrites done and get the book to Darling Editor. I may be pushing it on time, but I think it will still come out in November. But notice that I haven’t yet set up the preorder…

Preorder will go live once I hand the rewrites off. And the updated copies of books one through four will go live once Darling Editor has a chance to go through them. The paperbacks are down, and will remain down until closer to when Children of Dreams releases.

And, since books one through four aren’t going to get spiffy new preorders and ISBNS and rereleases, (because they don’t need them) I’ll just go ahead and show you those covers.

Aren’t those gorgeous???? No, you don’t get the last two yet. Not until the preorders are set. I’ve been using for these, and they have been a joy to work with.

It’s time for me to start at least thinking about thinking about a cover for The Chronicles of John Zebedee. I can publish the book thirty days after the last episode goes live. Which means that The Chronicles of John Zebedee will be coming out in early March of 2023. Get Covers lets you hand them images for inspiration, so they’ll be getting the three Vella covers that I put together. (In order: John Zebedee and the Heir of the Elvenlands, John Zebedee and the Monstrous Town, and John Zebedee Meets the Witch Queen of the Elvenlands.)

And that’s about all in this neck of the woods. Newsletter will be going out in a few days, and I need to figure out what recipe is going in it. Hrm….

What do you think?

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