My new darling.

I’m working on Tales from the Arena, and it is now humming along nicely. I’ve slightly more than a third of the way in, with a June 1st deadline.

And some of these scenes, oh, boy…

“I’m honored,” Gavir said. He took Iras’ hand in his and squeezed her fingers. “I just wish I were in better shape right now. I’m not in any condition to see to you the way you’re needing, Iras.”

Iras arched an eyebrow, feeling a surge of indignant anger. “Really? And what do I need, Kian-ti-os?”

He didn’t rise. He just smiled, gesturing to one of the gray-clad novices who acted as servitors in the Lounge. He didn’t say anything until a pair of drinks had been delivered to the table. Then he leaned forward, and his voice was a low growl when he answered, “You need to be bound. Bound to my whim and paraded on a lead throughout the Arena so that everyone knows you are mine. You need to be beaten, often and thoroughly, so that you never forget just how much regard I have for you and how dear to me you truly are. And you need to be taken, bent over a table and savaged until your screams of pleasure and your cries for mercy ring from the very rafters. That, my dear, Iras, is what you need.” He sat back, raised his drink, and smiled. “Unfortunately, it’s not what I can give you. Not tonight. Would you settle for dinner?”

That is, I think, one of the hottest scenes I’ve written to date.

What do you think?

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