My Thotful Spot

No, that isn’t a typo. Really. Go read Milne if you don’t believe me.

Today, someone in one of my writing communities asked for pictures of where we work. I have two spots in the house where I will sit and write. One is in the family room, the other is my office.

Here is the family room:

That’s my backyard out there, where squirrels Cassius and Poppin live. The red striped basket and the white thing with the lime green bag in it are both knitting, and the cardboard box is the cat’s house (courtesy of J.)  I actually do get work done here, surprisingly.

Then there is my office.

My desk. Yes, that is a laptop in front of  a desktop monitor. The laptop is my writing weapon of choice. It’s a Windows box, running Libreoffice. The desktop is a Linux machine, running Fedora (yes, that does mean I am bitechtual). That shelf there is full of toys, and the books are references for two of the upcoming WIPs (The Sea Prince and The Navigator).

And I am not ashamed to admit that yes, the purple thing is a Disney bear. First edition, back before they changed it into Duffy.

Close up on some of the toys. You are not seeing things — that is a Yoda Stitch there. The postcard is from Shangri-La, and the button says “I love being a writer. What I hate is the paperwork.” And the pin next to the postcard holds a sign that I may have to give away soon.

(If you can’t read it, it says “Future Award-winning Author At Work”)

 There is also the other side of my office, the sparkly side. This is where I make jewelry. (Before any of the geeky people ask, that IS an Alex Ross SuperGrover poster. I love it!) 

And no tour of my office would be complete without the books. Or at least, some of the books. The two shelves you can’t see are all jewelry related.

So, this is where I work.  Now to get back TO work!


Thank God, someone else’s writing space is almost as messy as mine!

Elizabeth Schechter

Which one? The family room or the office? The family room is decorated with the influence of five-year-old boy. The office is… well… unkempt. But I know where everything is.


Karen Blondeau

So how do you keep your little one from enjoying all the delightful temptations in your creative salon?

Elizabeth Schechter

Sometimes, if he asks nicely, he gets to play with my cars (except Malificent — that’s my special one!) Most of the time, though, he forgets that they’re there — the child has more toys than he knows what to do with!

He is dying to play with the Playmobile Viking village that lives on my windowsill, though.

What do you think?

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