Necronomicon Roundup and Happy Book Day Eve!

We got home last night after a fantastic weekend at Necronomicon, in Tampa. It was my last outing for the year, and it was a good one. Nice and relaxed, with only three panels. The rest of my time was spent at my table in the dealers room.There was exactly no writing done. Which I’d expected. Next week’s blog post will have the two week word count.Friday, we got in early to set up the table in the dealers room. Which required some jiggery pokery, because I have what’s left of my jewelry from when I was doing THAT professionally. So I had to make room for shinies.

As an aside, a cosplayer dressed as Aziraphale was absolutely DELIGHTED when I told him that the jewelry was doing nobody any good in my closet. It needed to find a good home, so I was helping people with their shiny adoptions.

Friday night I had two panels. My earlier panel was The Many Face of Holmes and Watson, which was quite a lot of fun, and hosted by one of my favorite moderators at Necro. My late panel was on Slash Fiction, and it was… slightly confused. Apparently, there was a mix up with rooms, and I was told the panel would be in one room, but the moderator was told another. So I had a small panel going in my room, and she had a slightly larger panel going in her room, and when someone realized the mix-up, we combined them.

Saturday started way too early after a panel that ran until past midnight (what? I’m getting old!) There was liberal applications of coffee, and I met a God.

No, really. I’m not even joking.

Being a former jeweler, I studied a little about metallurgy. And I’ve always been a sword nut, so when I saw that a vendor had set up Saturday morning with swords and daggers, I went over to see them. Beautiful work! I picked up his card… and looked at it. Then I looked at him. Then I looked at the card again.

Dr. Jim Hrisoulas.

Now, if you don’t know swords, you probably won’t recognize that name. But he is a Bladesmithing LEGEND. And he was sitting there in front of me.

I did not squee. Not in public, anyway.

By the way? He is DELIGHTFUL, and I enjoyed meeting him so much! I hope he’s back next year.

My last panel of the day turned out to be a bit intimidating. I saw this panel in the schedule, and asked to be included. I figured I could talk on the Religion of Diets as well as anyone.I didn’t KNOW that the other three people on the panel were a retired medical doctor, a neurologist, and the neurologist’s son, who does something pharmaceutical that I can’t remember. And then there was me. I got a laugh when I said “I think I’m out of my depth here.” But I held my own — being a polymath means I can speak reasonably well on most topics, and on this one, I was the only one who had working knowledge of diet controlled autoimmune disorders, and of the variety of current diets available.

The rest of the weekend was spent at the table, adopting shinies and talking to people. And now I’m wiped out. But it was a good weekend, and I can’t wait for next year!

Now, tomorrow is BOOK DAY!!!! Forged in Fire releases everywhere. And I even remembered to upload the files to Smashwords (all the files — Heir to the Firstborn will soon be available on Smashwords. Not sure why I forgot to do it before.)Happy Book Day Eve!

What do you think?

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