New Year, who dis?

I think I’ve used this title before. But that’s okay. It works.

No, it’s not really a new year. However, it is, because today is the day that Florida kids go back to school.

Which means that today is the day I start a new book –my long awaited romantic suspense Blood Bound. (aka the BDSM vampire book)

Now, with the insanity of everything this summer, and the book that would not end with Forged in Fire, I didn’t have much of a break to plan out the Fall book. I didn’t get a lot of the groundwork of worldbuilding done. So I’ll be starting Blood Bound off slowly. If I get 750 words in a day over the next week or two, I’ll be counting that as a day well spent. Especially since I’ll be doing the planning as I go, and editing Forged in Fire, AND starting Bones of Earth. Once I finish the Bones of Earth synopsis, that is.

I’m going to be kinda busy the next few days.

Time to get to work!


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Blood Bound — what a fitting title.

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