A friend of mine lost her parents this week. Her father died Tuesday night, her mother died Thursday afternoon. Wednesday was their 59th wedding anniversary.

Naturally, there have been comments about how romantic it was that they essentially went together. But it just hit me HOW romantic it was.

He went first… and held the door for her.


That is amazing. Sad, but amazing.

Romantic? Yes, surely. I would call it something else, too: not one but two tremendous blows. Wishing your friend all the best, I hope she finds somewhere someone to help her pull through.

Elizabeth Schechter

They were two tremendous blows, but they were not unexpected. So we had a chance to pull together to support her. Thanks!

Sorry for pontificating there. Some personal history slipped in, I´m afraid. ;-/

Elizabeth Schechter

I understand that. It’s hard to keep the personal out of it.

What do you think?

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