Haven’s Fall (Rebel Mage, Book 2)

Haven’s Fall (Rebel Mage, Book 2)
Series: Rebel Mage, Book 2
Tags: 2016, 2022
Publisher: Elizabeth Schechter
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781952598395
About the Book

Haven had been their goal since escaping the destruction of the School. Haven had promised safety, rest, an end to running and death. But things had gone badly wrong in the mountains. Tam and Linnea had to leave Matthias and Solomon behind to face the Elders, hoping to return for them once they’d found Haven. The reality does not live up to the promise. Isolated and dying, Haven fears outsiders almost more than it needs new blood. With only the griffon Dancer and the human healer Ilane for allies, Tam and Linnea fear that Haven’s rulers will prevent them from going back for their friends—then fire rains down from the sky, and things became so much worse for everyone.


Content Warning:

The following work of fiction contains scenes of suicidal ideation, and references to graphic sexual assault, and acts of physical and emotional cruelty enacted in the name of a fictional, extremist religion.

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