Like a Circlet Editor: Erotic Fantasies of Our Office

Includes my story <em>Raise the Dead</em>
Like a Circlet Editor: Erotic Fantasies of Our Office
Tag: 2015
Publisher: Circlet Press
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781613901489

Includes my story Raise the Dead

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About the Book

What is it like to work for Circlet Press? Do you really want to know? Live the fantasy! Like A Circlet Editor: Erotic Fantasies of Our Offices is a playfully meta and sexy romp across the genres and tropes we all know and love.

With lovely, filthy fictional stories about all the research and development, editorial decisions, and public relations that people dream must be necessary to bring you the finest erotic science fiction and fantasy for the past 24 years.

Including stories from some of our favorite authors including:
Annabeth Leong
Elizabeth Schechter
H.B. Kurtzwilde
Alex Picchetti
Kit Harding
J. H. Peregrine
and D. Mark Alderton

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