Like a Sacred Desire: Tales of Sex Magick

Includes my story <em>The Hand You're Dealt</em>
Like a Sacred Desire: Tales of Sex Magick
Tag: 2010
Publisher: Circlet Press
Publication Year: 2010
ASIN: B003U8AG30

Includes my story The Hand You're Dealt

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About the Book

A ravaged warrior in search of peace and understanding. A Tarot deck that is more than what it seems. Love born of vengeance in the midst of war. Like a Sacred Desire: Tales of Sex Magick is Circlet Press’s latest anthology of erotica, exploring sex not only as a pleasurable act but as an instrument of ritual, something sacred and profound.

Featuring seven stories from contributors such as D. L. King, Angela Caperton and Raven Kaldera, in Like a Sacred Desire sex becomes a gateway to healing, achieving higher consciousness, and unlocking the mysteries. Editor Jennifer Williams invites readers on a journey both sensual and spiritual, erotic and divine. Like a Sacred Desire promises to challenge and stimulate readers’ senses, hearts, and souls.

Table of Contents:
Unquiet Ghosts by Jana Denardo
The Hand You’re Dealt by Elizabeth Schechter
The Birthright by Renatto Garcia
Perhaps a Worthy Offering by D. L. King
Wood by David Sklar
St. Nicholas’ Eve by Angela Caperton
Opening by Raven Kaldera

Dark Diva Reviews, praising “Like a Sacred Desire” thus: “I could easily see this collection being used in a discussion group on mythology and sexology. Joseph Campbell would have had much to say about the characters and situations found here.”

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