No Safewords 2: Stories of the Marketplace

Includes my stories <em>Blood,Lust</em> and <em>Domestic Tranquility</em>
No Safewords 2: Stories of the Marketplace
Tag: 2018
Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781626014893

Includes my stories Blood,Lust and Domestic Tranquility

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About the Book

Laura Antoniou’s consensual world of owners and slaves known as The Marketplace has been thrilling readers of BDSM fiction for over 25 years. In that time she has invited other authors to come “play in her sandbox” more than once. In this second anthology of “fanfiction” set in The Marketplace, 18 stories explore both familiar favorites and brand new characters, and delve into many of the themes that run through the series including service, sadomasochism, and the need to belong.

The authors range from award-winning novelists to fanfic veterans to bright-eyed new folks and their stories here run the gamut of genres including crime fiction, paranormal, and romance. Fans of erotic fiction may recognize the names of Elizabeth Schechter, LN Bey, Erzabet Bishop, and Soulhuntre. Karen Taylor, an erotica writer and also Laura’s wife, contributes an introduction to the volume, as well.

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