Tales from the Arena: Opening Gambit

Tales from the Arena: Opening Gambit
Series: Tales from the Arena, Book 1
Tag: 2018
Publisher: Circlet Press
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781613901984
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About the Book

Iras is one of the Collared; she is one of the men and women who live to provide taboo pleasures to the super-soldiers known as the Swords. To win a war, Tyrese created the Swords–men and women faster, stronger and tougher than ordinary soldiers, with the killer instincts to match. But when the war is over, the Swords’ need for certain sorts of… stimulation remains. So the Arena was created, where the Collared voluntarily serve the Swords, providing them with an outlet for their aggression that they literally cannot live without.  Amidst the futuristic torture devices of the Arena, Iras serves Gavir, an officer. He fulfills her deepest, darkest desires and a bond forms between them. But a dark secret from Iras’s past threatens all they have, and all they hope for. Award-winning author Elizabeth Schechter spins a tale that is part space opera, part romance, and 100% sexy.

"Elizabeth Schechter fuses diverse genres with such artful subtlety that we barely notice the genius at work before our eyes. Schechter is not only an engaging storyteller, but a perceptive and intelligent observer of the human condition. (Can we say icing on an already tasty cake?)" —Erotica for the Big Brain
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