Tales from the Arena: Playing for Keeps

Tales from the Arena: Playing for Keeps
Series: Tales from the Arena, Book 2
Tag: 2018
Publisher: Circlet Press
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781613901991
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About the Book

Rakesh has worn a Collar in the Arena for ten years, and is acknowledged to be one of the best that has ever served. No one knows that the reason he had remained in service for so long is because of one man: Virin, the son of the celebrated Collared, Iras and her Ishkarin husband Gavir. Rakesh longs for a life with Virin, but if Rakesh leaves his Collar, Virin will never again be able to give him the pleasure and pain he craves.

Virin comes to the Arena one night with a warning. Former Collared have been disappearing without a trace for months, and Virin’s investigations have found nothing. He orders Rakesh to stay inside the Arena, where he will be safe.

Then Rakesh vanishes from the Arena.

In his search to save his lover, Virin uncovers a plot that spans the years, involves two countries, and that threatens to plunge their world back into war.

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