Where Home Lies (Rebel Mage, Book 3)

Where Home Lies (Rebel Mage, Book 3)
Series: Rebel Mage, Book 3
Tags: 2017, 2022
Publisher: Elizabeth Schechter
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781952598425
About the Book

No longer in exile, the rebel mage Matthias can finally return to his home enclave and settle into a new life with his beloved Solomon. As he struggles with his role leading the new town of Sanctuary, upheld by the people who once rejected him, Matthias knows all too well that the relative peace he’s found is temporary. The forces that razed Haven are still out there, still looking for him, still seeking to destroy everything he now protects. While there are alliances to make, mouths to feed, and people who look to him to protect them, his enemies will just have to wait.

When tragedy strikes, Matthias, Solomon, and Matthias’ cousin Tam are forced back onto the road again, this time seeking answers in the forbidden north; answers that may lead to new beginnings, or to the end of everything they’ve ever known.


Content Warning:

The following work of fiction contains scenes of suicidal ideation, references to and overt acts of graphic sexual assault, and acts of physical and emotional cruelty enacted in the name of a fictional, extremist religion.

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