>I realize this morning that I’ve been very quiet in the blog recently. Part of that has been the holidays and the two weeks that my son had off from school that kept me from doing much writing of any kind. However, I know the truth…

I have a new fandom.

I am a somewhat… obsessive individual. When I fall into something, I fall HARD. And I tend to focus on it to the detriment of everything else. Usually, it takes a few weeks for the initial obsession to ease up enough that I can think about other things.

So, the timing is about right for me to be able to start to think about writing again. Because it’s been about six weeks since I fell in love with Sherlock.

If you don’t know, Sherlock is the new BBC adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes stories, updated to bring our favorite detective and his Boswell… er.. Blogger, Dr. John Watson, into the 21st century. There are three episodes to the first season, and they’ll be starting filming the second season in the spring.  The show stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, and Martin “I’m-gonna-be-a-Hobbit” Freeman as Watson.

Now, Martin Freeman is the most adorable BAMF! ever. He is going to ROCK as Bilbo.

However, the one to steal the show is Ben Cumberbatch. Oh… boy….

He’s just… yeah. You have to watch the show to see. But I am a sucker for a deep voice, and one reviewer I’ve read said that Ben Cumberbatch sounds like a jaguar hiding inside a cello.

Trust me. TOTALLY worth six weeks obsession. But now I have to get back to work.

Soon as I finish looking at more pictures of Sherlock…

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