Really, this can stop anytime now…

Yesterday was just a FESTIVAL of suck.

To start off with, the biopsy that was supposed to be done. by the breast specialist that my GYN INSISTED I see? Yeah, she doesn’t do that kind of biopsy. So she’s sending me to the facility that the initial radiologist wanted to send me to in the first place, the one my GYN WOULD NOT LET ME GO TO BECAUSE I HAD TO SEE THE BREAST SPECIALIST!!!!!

Do I even have to say that my GYN is FIRED?

Then, when I got home and had my head clear enough to pay bills, I discovered that my business credit card was apparently skimmed. Probably at the gas station, one of the few times I used it to get gas.

And the damn thing is that they used it to order CREDIT REPORTS! Not even mine — THEIR OWN! Experian now has the card locked out of their system, and is looking into what happened. My card has been stopped and I’ll be getting a new one.

God DAMN can this be over now?

What do you think?

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