Reviews and a Blog Tour

Carnal Machines has been out for about a month now, and the reviews are, on the whole, quite positive!

Amazon has three reviews up, all of them 5 star!

The Erotic Readers and Writers Association has another nice one.

Over at Erotica Revealed, the reviewer calls Infernal Machine “tender, funny and sexy all at once.”

There have been some good reviews up on Goodreads, too. And one bad one, the only negative review I’ve found so far. It’s here, for comparison.

(No, bad reviews don’t bother me. You can’t please everyone, and I find it interesting to see what resonates with people and what does not. Growth, it does a writer good!)

Also, the Carnal Machines Blog Tour starts today! Here’s the schedule:

May 1 D. L. King

May 2 Teresa Noelle Roberts

May 3 Kathleen Bradean http:/

May 4 Jay Lawrence

May 5 Kannan Feng

May 6 Essemoh Teepee

May 7 Elizabeth Schechter

May 8 Delilah Devlin

May 9  Tracey Shellito

May 10 Renee Michaels

May 11 Elias St. James

May 12 Lisabet Sarai

May 13 Janine Ashbless

I have no IDEA what I’ll be writing about!

What do you think?

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