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The start of what would usually be a very busy week for me. If this was a normal Thanksgiving week, I’d have started cooking last Saturday, prepping for Thursday when my house would be full of people.

This year? We’re doing Zoomsgiving. Which will be fun, but it’s not the same. However, I’m grateful that we even have that much.

I suppose that makes sense to say. This is the week of giving thanks.

Now, I’m going to diverge from my usual just talking about my words today, and talk about someone else’s words. This morning, as I was drinking my coffee, I opened the newest issue of Real Simple magazine. I like this magazine — I like the recipes and the articles, and there’s usually something in each issue that I can use.

And today, there was something in the issue that resonated on a very deep level. It was a quote from Hoda Kalb’s book This Just Speaks to Me. She tells the story of a page at NBC, who responded to a compliment by saying “I received that.”

This blew my mind, and I had no idea why.  It took me most of the day to realize why this simple phrase struck a chord.  And I think it’s because I was raised Catholic. Giving and receiving are both a major part of ideal of the Sacraments. St. Augustine’s Prayer says, “May we become what we receive.”

We become what we receive. And what we receive, we can then share with others.

Okay, Liz. Where are you going with this?

Well, I’m thinking of everything I receive from you, my dear Reader.  The feedback, the reviews, the emails…. I am grateful for all of what you have gifted to me over the years. I am grateful to all of you.

I receive that.

Please accept this in return — thank you. I appreciate you, more than you could ever possibly know.

Have a safe and a happy Thanksgiving.

What do you think?

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