Romance Writer’s Weekly: Genre Musings

Hi, all! If you’re just here from A.S Fenichel’s blog, nice to see you. Or if you popped in from the wilds of the internet, welcome in.

This week, we’re talking about genre. What genre do you love to write and why?

Well, I’m a weird duck (stop laughing). I tend to write what I want to read, so if what I’m in the mood to read is a BDSM Steampunk Erotic Romance? Well, then I’m going to write that, and you get House of Sable Locks. If I want to read something new adult fantasy that riffs on the elements and pulls in themes of racism? You get Written in Water and Forged in Fire (and the ongoing Bones of Earth, over on Patreon.). If I get a wild hair about writing something hard science fiction about supersoldiers and the submissives who love them? Then you get Tales from the Arena.

So, you can see that I have this tendency to be fairly fluid about my genre choices, with the only exceptions being that almost all of my books are erotic romances (even the dark ones), and all of them have some kind of speculative element. Maybe it’s magic. Maybe it’s vampires. Maybe it’s genetic engineering. Really, it’s whatever catches my interest and runs with it. I tend to be very universal in my reading, so it makes sense that I tend to be universal in my writing. Your output, after all, comes from your input.

So, if you want to check out an eclectic catalog of speculative smut and new adult fantasy, look no further than right here!

Or, you know, you can go on to Leslie Hatchel’s blog and see what she’s up to.

What do you think?

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