Romance Writer’s Weekly: My Corner of the World

Hi, all! Welcome back on your RWW rounds. This week, the question was “where do you write?”

I like my office. It’s done up just the way I like, and all my stuff is here. My art (and my fountain pen ink) is on the walls. I can look out into the garden, and everything is just so.

Yes, that is Super Grover, as done by Alex Ross.  The pillows are because this is also the guest room, when we have guests. The picture in the middle is the Jody Lee cover for “Witch and Wombat” which is a silly book, and I’ll cosplay that cover someday.

My kanban board for Q2, and all of my fountain pen ink.

That pile of books there is part of my To Be Read pile. The box they’re sitting on is full of A5 notebooks. Yes, I do use them — there are a few on the floor there.

And the actual business area — laptop with a dual monitor set up. Reference books and toys. And more notebooks. Oh, and coffee, because that’s what makes the words go.

Now, I’m pretty flexible. If I can’t write in my office — say, we have a guest — then I have a smaller dressing table in my bedroom where I can put the laptop. Or I can write in the family room downstairs.  Or, if it’s nice out, I can visit the remote office, (aka my back porch.)

Next stop on the RWW bloghop is Clair Brett, who writes over here.  Her book Winn’s Fall is on sale. Check it out!

Have a happy! Stay safe and wash your hands.


Cara Bristol

Wow. You like your stuff!

It’s a comfortable room. There’s some stuff in here that probably doesn’t need to be (there’s still rather a lot of art supplies from when I was a working jeweler and artist), but it’s comfortable.

Now, I did not show you the closet. If you’re of a certain age, the words “Fibber McGee” would come to mind…

What do you think?

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