Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky POUNCE!

Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4

128417 / 150000 (85.61%)
John Zebedee Meets the Witch Queen of Elfland
29157 / 30000 (97.19%)
NaNoWriMo Words
50774 / 50000 (101.55%)

That’s about how I’m feeling at the moment. I just won NaNoWriMo (50K words in a month), AND the ending of Wings of Air just snuck up on me. So that number up there? That’s the total. It’s complete.

Here, have a cover to celebrate!

I honestly wasn’t expecting to finish this book today, nearly three weeks ahead of my schedule. Which is good, in a way. It give me that three weeks to finish John Zebedee Meets the Witch Queen of Elfland, which is going to be a much longer book than I thought.

So what happens now? Now, edits! In Patreon, Wings of Air will run until mid-February (I think) so that means we’re looking at late February or early March for a wide release. (I might hold out for March, just because I have Hidden Things coming out in January.) Now remember, if you don’t want to wait, you can always go join me over on Patreon and read Wings from the beginning.

Now, if you’ve been with me for a while, you know what’s coming. It’s December tomorrow.

Cookiepocalypse is coming!

This year, I’m being practically sedate in my baking. Virtuous, even! I’m only making… (looks at list) six different kinds!

But first, I need to finish John Zebedee.


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